Residence permit

All international students staying in Poland longer than three months are required to obtain temporary residence permit. The permit is issued for a period of a student’s stay in Poland, but not longer than two years (usually for one year). It can be extended.


NOTE: International students staying in Poland, must submit the application at least 1 day before your visa or former residence permit expires.

If the application will not be submitted on time international student must leave Poland and wait for the decision abroad. If a student does not leave Poland, the province governor has the right to reject his application.


Evidence of the permit is a Temporary Residence Card (Karta pobytu czasowego) an identity card for foreigners in Poland which (together with a passport) allows passing the borders as often as you like without a visa.


International students have the obligation to notify public authorities who conduct the proceedings of each change of their address, including temporary change, and in case of going abroad, to indicate the address for correspondence in Poland. International students are obliged to collect the residence card in person.