Required documents

  • 4 copies of a filled in application form (one originaly filled + 3 copies) for residence permit for a defined period of time. The form must be filled in by hand, afterwards you must make 3 photocopies with your original signature.
  • 4 current colour photographs (dimensions: 3,5 cm x 4.5 cm) on a single light background with good focus, and clearly showing the eyesand face from the top of the head to the top of the shoulders, the face must occupy 70-80% of the photograph. No head covering and dark glasses,face looking straight with eyes open,natural expression of the face, mouth closed.
  • a photocopy of a valid travel document (or in special cases, another document that confirms international student’s identity). A travel document is a document which allows you to cross borders.
  • if you stay in the dormitory - confirmation of temporary accommodation - certificate confirming that an international student has reported his/her place of residence
  • if you rent a private flat, studio etc. - confirmation of temporary accommodation or a legal title to stay in the apartment in which an international student resides or intends to reside and documents confirming residence costs (tenancy agreement can be made even for 1 PLN).
  • confirmation of payment for stamp duty of 340 PLN. The stamp duty can also be paid via bank transfer or at a post office to the following bank account:


The stamp duty can be paid in a bank or a post office to the following bank account:

Urząd Miasta Poznania
Wydział Finansowy
Oddział Pozostałych Dochodów Podatkowych i Niepodatkowych
ul. Libelta 16/20
61-706 Poznań
ING Bank Śląski S.A.
20 1050 1520 1000 0023 4950 2845


  • certificate confirming admission and payment of tuition fee (eg. final acceptance letter + decision issued in polish)
  • confirmation of student status - to get at the Faculty
  • bank statement - documents confirming that an international student’s financial resources are sufficient to cover the costs of living in Poland  - at least 800 PLN per each month of stay or equivalent of this amount in foreign currencies):

o        during the period of 12 months or

o        during the entire period of stay - if the period of stay is shorter than the period defined in previous point.

International students who have arrived to or are staying in Poland together with dependent family members should have additional financial resources of 450 PLN per family member or equivalent of this amount in foreign currency, for each month of stay.

  • documents confirming costs of return travel (if you are a non-EU citizen – 2000 PLN for a plane ticket) or  financial resources sufficient to cover the costs of return journey to the country of residence in the amount not lower than:

o        PLN 200 if he/she comes from a third country neighbouring Poland.

o        PLN 500 if he/she comes from a European third country.

o        PLN 2000 if he/she comes from a non-European third country.

  • document confirming that an international student has a medical insurance which covers costs of medical treatment in Poland.