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The mission of the University is to educate at all levels of higher education and in lifelong learning mode in close connection with scientific and research & development works carried out at the University in cooperation with future employers of university graduates and in contact with society.

The vision is to create a leading university of technology in the country, well recognized in Europe, an important and sought-after partner of foreign universities, guaranteeing high quality education and a global level of scientific and research & development works.


Today, the Poznan University of Technology offers education at 9 faculties, running a total of 31 fields of study. About 16,000 first and second cycle students, doctoral and postgraduate students study here. Over 1,300 academic teachers care about their education. The didactic offer of Poznan University of Technology is modern, rich and adapted to the requirements of not only domestic but also foreign employers.

Students choose studies at our University because of the high level of education, well-prepared staff, as well as the opportunity to fully realize their scientific and non-scientific interests and a friendly atmosphere. The University's real pride are students who are successful in international competitions, working in scientific associations and student organizations.


High-quality scientific research is an integral element of the Poznan University of Technology strategy as a university with the rank of technical university. 
The confirmation of the high scientific position of the university is the parametric evaluation of scientific units of the KEJN (Committee for the Evaluation of Scientific Units) for 2013-2017, as a result of which 6 faculties of the Poznan University of Technology received category A and only 4 category B. The scientific achievements of the employees of the Poznan University of Technology are increasing yearly by more than 2 thousand positions: articles, monographs, textbooks and other publications. The total state of the PUT Library collections is over 450,000 volumes.

Poznan University of Technology was honored with the ELSEVIER Research Impact Leaders 2016 award in the Medical Sciences category, awarded by Elsevier to universities whose publications had the greatest impact on the perception of Polish science in the world. The award was granted for research and publications in the field of biomedical engineering.

In the latest webometric ranking developed by Concejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIS), Poznan University of Technology ranks third among technical universities in Poland in terms of publication citability. The achievements of our scientists are appreciated both at home and abroad. In January 2017, Poznan University of Technology received the H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowships grant as the only university in Poland in this edition. We have as many as three winners of the Foundation for Polish Science award called the "Polish Nobel Prize", and our scientists are in the authorities of the Polish Academy of Sciences and numerous international scientific societies. Thanks to EU funding, recent years have brought the development of research infrastructure at the Warta campus of the Poznan University of Technology. 
New research laboratories have been created or equipped in a modern way. At the university operates the European Centre of Bioinformatics and Genomics, set up by a consortium composed of the Poznan University of Technology and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the centre, included on the Research Infrastructure Road Map, is to develop strategic research and increase the transfer of R&D results to the economy.


The implementation of the University's mission enables the vision of the Poznan University of Technology to be realized as the leading technical university in the country, with the aspirations to be a partner of European and world universities in terms of the quality of education and the level of scientific research. For several years, the Poznan University of Technology has been consistently implementing the strategy of university internationalizing, among others, through cyclical participation in educational foreign missions.

Strategic educational markets, i.e. Eastern Partnership countries, especially Ukraine, countries with high demographic potential (China, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan) and relatively newly discovered markets - potential "donors" of foreign students (such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan)  including countries with extensive scholarship systems. In addition, as part of the new project, the University would like to increase its recognition in countries where its presence has been negligible or nonexistent, and where we have no students from. These countries are Vietnam, Thailand, the USA, Peru, Ecuador.

Poznan University of Technology has over 460 active bilateral agreements in the Erasmus+ program, which enable over a thousand students and several hundred employees to travel abroad and over 190 active agreements with foreign centers from around the world, including joint research and exchange of students and university employees.  The Polish-Chinese New Silk Road Research Centre was established at the Poznan University of Technology. Its main tasks will include the transfer of science, education, culture and, consequently, also business.


Considering the scope of education and results of scientific research, Poznan University of Technology occupies a leading position in the academic environment.
In the international Scimago Institutions Ranking 2018, Poznan University of Technology was ranked 4th among universities in Poland and is ranked 2nd-3rd place among Polish technical universities.

In the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (called the Shanghai Ranking) Poznan University of Technology was classified among the 500 best universities in the world in two disciplines, i.e. 
Computer Science & Engineering; Mechanical Engineering.

According to the latest list of Centre for World University Rankings for the years 2019-2020, Poznan University of Technology was ranked 1446 among twenty thousand universities around the world. As a result, the University was among 7.3% of the best universities.

PUT was also included in the 2019 edition of QS World University Ranking among 16 universities in Poland, the list contains 1000 of the best universities around the world. Six main criteria are taken into account: reputation in the academic environment, prestige among employers, the ratio of the number of lecturers to the number of students, the number of citations and the number of students and employees from abroad.

In the subsequent edition of the Ranking of Higher Colleges for the Best Academic Colleges in Perspektywy  (Prospects) 2019, Poznan University of Technology was ranked 20th, while among technical universities we were ranked 7th.

In turn, in the Perspektywy Engineering Studies Ranking 2019, the courses at the Poznan University of Technology were in high positions. Among the winners were: Logistics in the Faculty of Engineering Management (first place), Transport in the Faculty of Transport Engineering (third place) and Architecture in the Faculty of Architecture (fifth place).

In the Rzeczpospolita Ranking in 2019 for the best economic faculties in Poland, the Faculty of Engineering Management PUT took fourth place, while in the same Ranking in the category of Leader in the Quality of Teaching it came second.

On the list of universities most frequently chosen by candidates for studies published by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, our University took third place.




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